School Portraits

Modest.  Modern.  Classy.  Timeless.

serving homeschool families
traditional school families

PreK - 12th grade

These sessions only come once a year and they sell out fast!  As a homeschool mom of four kids, I've always wanted timeless, classic pictures to hang on my wall.  

How long is a School Portrait Session?

These sessions are very fast -- they are only 5 minutes long!  

Can you really get enough poses in 5 minutes?

OH YES!  I focus on facial expression and posing.  My focus is your child's face and expression -- this includes the eyes, the smile, and the head angle.

8th grade

2nd grade

7th grade

Where do you do these?

These sessions are done at my home -- either in my garage or my backyard shed.  

Are other background colors available for Back-to-School pictures?

The black background is my signature look for Back-to-School pictures.  The timeless simplicity highlights your child's face and eyes.   The neutral color will look good in any home, regardless of decorating style.