Yearbook Headshots

Senior Yearbook Photographer South Lyon Michigan

Northville High School

Senior Yearbook Photographer South Lyon Michigan

Brighton High School

Senior Yearbook Photographer South Lyon Michigan

Fenton High School

Are you in need of a headshot for your senior's
high school yearbook?  

What is involved with getting a Yearbook Headshot?

With a 20-minute session at my home "studio", you will have about 8-10 images to choose from.  I will format the image to your school's specification and return the image as a .jpg file.  You will be responsible to send the image to your school.

How much does this cost?

These sessions are $69 for a 20-minute session and you will receive one (1) digital image .jpg file.  

Is there still a charge if I book a senior session with Susan Ditchfield Photography?

No.  This service is included at no additional charge for all seniors who book a session with Susan Ditchfield Photography.

When should I schedule this session?

That depends on the deadline your high school sets.  Each high school is a little different but most seem to have a deadline in October or November of your graduating year.  Therefore, you will want to schedule this session in August or early September.  Don't forget, I have a three (3) week turnaround time, so factor that in to your timeline.

What do I wear for a Yearbook Headshot?

I have seen most seniors are expected to adhere to a formal dress code:  Guys should wear a suit w/ tie and button-down shirt.  Girls should wear a blouse or sweater.

What color backdrop do I need?

You will need to get the specifications from your high school, but most high schools want a solid background and will accept black.  I have three colors to choose from:  solid black; mottled gray; mottled green.

Can I bring another senior to my session?

I'm all about friends supporting each other!  If you and your friend(s) want to sign up together, I can offer you each a 10% discount on the session fee if three (3) or more seniors book a session together.